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Holi Week Armchair Travel to India

We enjoy working with older people with our Armchair Travel to faraway places activities. We share our experiences of travelling in India and enable seniors living in residential homes to explore multi-sensory India from the comfort of home. A typical afternoon trip to India includes dressing up with authentic Indian scarves, a virtual auto-rickshaw ride to the vibrant and bustling market place, dancing (can be done seated) and music Bollywood style, some relaxing folk music to wind things down, wonderful fragrances from the market to smell. Today's travel adventures were in Street, Somerset and the staff at the residential home had created a full #IndiaDay with food to taste, artefacts to explore, plus our contribution. Travel to Colourful India truly is a sight to behold and especially this week, the week of the festival of Holi, the Spring Hindu Festival of Colours 🐘🐍🌴🌶🍉

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Do get in touch if you would be interested in an interactive activity exploring the ancient, colourful, dazzling and diverse land of India.

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