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A Rose Remembered

We visited a residential home to give residents a taste of India from the comfort of their armchairs. India offers a wonderful journey for the senses with spices to smell, fabrics and musical instruments to touch and pictures of palm-fringed beaches and pink sunsets over temples to look at. The smell from our Indian Rose Oils brought back Valentines Day memories for many residents as roses had been received as symbols of love in the past. Roses are multifaceted, red, yellow, pink, while fragrance range from citrussy, pale and delicate, musk, fruity and intense.

English roses are greener and more delicate than the more intense, spicy warmth that comes from roses from countries like Morocco, Turkey or Asia. For their beautiful colours and wonderful smells roses have becomes a symbol of purity in India. Roses, and their scent distilled into oils and water, are everywhere in India, gardens, temples, fashion, homes, cosmetics, food.

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