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Holi - a joyful & colourful Indian Festival

Holi - known as the festival of love, colours & spring - is celebrated by millions of people in India and around the world. Our interactive and multi-sensory workshops explore the colourful history and ancient traditions of Holi with education, art and crafts, music & dance.

Our education sessions promote cultural identity and cohesion, tailored to meet the needs of individual schools. Children build on their natural enthusiasm for movement to music and develop skills of coordination and teamwork.

Holi: Lessons

Learn more about Holi!

* Holi is a Hindu festival marking the beginning of Spring

* Holi is famous as the Festival of Colours, celebrating the vibrancy of colour and the positivity in our lives.

* People enjoy dancing and singing during Holi. Families and friends share food, sweets & light candles.

* In mythology Holi celebrates the love between Radha and Krishna

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Holi: Service
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