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The Sikh Festival of Vaisakhi

Vaisakhi is a Spring Festival which happens in April every year. Originally a harvest festival in the Punjab it is now Sikhism's most important festival celebrating the Sikh New Year as well as the birth of Sikhism.


Celebrating Vaisakhi

Our interactive activities allow students to join in with Vaisakhi celebrations – including dressing in colourful Indian clothes, turbans and scarves, learning and dancing Bhangra folk dance (a traditional Harvest festival dance), listening to the dhol drum, making Indian sweets and art work.  A fun and immersive way to learn about a different faith.



Sikhism is an Indian Humanitarian religion founded by Guru Nanak around 500 years ago in a place called the Punjab on the Indian Subcontinent.  Vaisakhi is a major Sikh Festival.

Vaisakhi: Lessons
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