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Avtar's Incredible India! School Workshops

The Incredible India! Workshop covers many aspects of Indian life and culture in one session.  We also run specific workshops focussing on Festivals (Diwali, Holi, and Vaisakhi) as well as the Hindu and Sikh religion.


Incredible India! Workshops for Schools

Experience India through a unique and memorable school workshop on different aspects of India.  Topics include geography, language, food, religion, costume and festivals.  Workshops include opportunities to dress up and to explore authentic Indian artefacts.  Children can get creative with art activities and learn dance Bollywood and Bhangra folk style. Sessions are tailored to meet the needs of individual schools and promote understanding of diversity and cohesion.

Teacher Feedback:  "We loved dressing up in Indian clothes and learning the dances. The smell as we entered the room was lovely. There was lots of bright colours and as a sensory teacher it was a perfect session."

Teacher Feedback:  "I liked the resources and interactiveness of the session. The leaders had a lovely, gentle manner with the children. The session was both engaging and fun ! (for adults too).


What is Bhangra?

Bhangra is folk dance and music originating from the Punjab region of India and Pakistan. Traditionally a good harvest was celebrated by dancing and singing songs to the sound of the dhol drum. 

The dhol is often seen at celebrations and weddings.  It is a double barrelled drum played using two wooden sticks.  Children and teachers will be able to explore the rhythm of this style of drumming.


What is Bollywood?

Rhythm, colour, energy, and fun are the important elements of dancing featured in the Indian Hindi film industry - Bollywood! It is a mixture of many styles including traditional Indian dance, latino and arabic. 

We will provide context to the dances, teach some dance steps and translate the lyrics of the songs into English.

Children and teachers will be able to dress up in scarves, turbans and other authentic costumes - so that everyone can have their own Masala Moment!

Incredible India: My Lessons


* The national bird of India is the peacock

* Shampoo was invented in India when herbs were used for strengthening hair

* India experiences periods of heavy rain called Monsoon

* India has 22 official languages

* The Bengal Tiger is the national animal of India

Incredible India: Service
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