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Sunsets, Sailing on a Bollywood River Cruise & Sensory Overload in India

We enjoyed walking around bustling Municipal Panaji market, taking in all the sights, sounds, fragrances and colours. A labyrinth of alleyways to explore where you can find anything and everything - cashews (kaju), fruit & veg, Goan spices, bindis, bangles and hardware supplies ...... & a cup of steamy sweet chai of course for 10 pence. The market is by the Port of Panaji where vessels bring goods and fish for the market, holidaymakers arrive and ferries take locals upstream and away from the urban areas to the many quieter settlements, thus avoiding having to drive over one of the longest and most famous bridges - the Mandovi Bridge.

At night the river front is bustling with cruises. You can take a memorable night time cruise up and down the Mandovi River - especially the sunset cruise is a beautiful experience as the sun goes down and turns the sky brilliant orange. This is a very popular activity with tourists who come from all over India to experience the laidback delights of the capital city of Goa. The cruise trips are usually accompanied with Goan cultural activities like folk dance and music, and they will often put on Bollywood music at the end of the cultural programme and ask that tourists join in! When walking along the banks of the Mandovi River at night we can see the boats lit up sailing up and down the estuary and hear the latest Bollywood hits floating over the air to the land.

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