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Holi - a joyful & colourful Indian Festival

Spring has sprung and during March I have been running some Holi School Workshops - known as the festival of love, colours & spring, Holi is celebrated by millions of people in India and around the world. Our workshops explore the colourful history and ancient traditions of Holi with education, art, music & dance. Interactive and colourful.


Holi marks the beginning of Spring

Holi is a Hindu festival that is usually celebrated between late February and the middle of March. The date is determined according to the Hindu calendar month of Phalguna. The Holi festival marks the beginning of the warmth of spring in the Indian subcontinent and the end of the hardship of winter.

Holi is famous as the Festival of Colours

On the day of the Holi festival, people will gather in the streets to celebrate by throwing coloured powder and water-filled balloons at families & friends. Celebrating the vibrancy of colour and the positivity in our lives. There is a lot of dancing and singing. Later, families and friends share food, sweets & light candles.

Holi celebrates the love between Radha and Krishna

The mythological significance of Holi is associated with the love of God Krishna for Radha. Krishna’s skin was dark and He was worried that Radha would not like him because of his appearance. His mother jokingly suggested that he should apply bright coloured powders on Radha’s face. Soon after Krishna did this, Radha fell in love with him and they were eventually married.


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