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Celebrating dancing in the rain Bollywood Style

It's raining! Monsoons are the flavour of the season. Our first outdoor Bollywood & Bhangra Community dance-a-long of 2022 turned into a celebration of dancing in the rain Bollywood style. Well done to all participants for a fun rain dance party in England in the Spring. With the monsoon season in India running from June through September rain tends to be a standard element of most Indian films. So today we enjoyed that crazy Bollywood and Monsoon connection, here in Somerset!

After a break of a couple of years during the Covid Pandemic many community events are running again this summer and we are delighted to be participating in some. So if you do see us out and about, come and join us and bring your dancing feet. Why do we love Indian dance so much? The joyful uplifting music, the inclusivity, the smiles, the laughs and the fun .... plus it keeps your brain as well as your body fit too 🌦🌬☔🕺💃❤🌻

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