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Sidmouth did Bhangra Folk Dance!

Celebrating diverse dance at Sidmouth Folk Festival this year. We were part of the International Dance Workshop programme, bringing traditional Bhangra Folk dance (with a dash of Bollywood) to The Bulverton. Plenty of shoulder shrugs, one-legged bounce and picking apples = all historical dance moves, following the beat of the dhol drum.

The marque is the largest space we have run workshops in - and what a view up at the Bulverton with views of the hills surrounding Sidmouth and fabulous craft workshops to enjoy between dancing.

Thank you to all the participants who tried Bhangra dance with such enthusiasm, and to the lovely volunteers and sound technicians who made the sessions run so smoothly.

What is Bhangra?

Bhangra folk dance is an important part of Punjabi (north Indian) culture, traditionally performed in the season of harvesting.

In it's earliest form, it was a celebratory folk dance that welcomed the coming of spring, or Vaisakhi as it is known. Whilst keeping its traditional roots, it has evolved with popular music influences - Bhangra often is featured in Bollywood films.

It is unique in its ability to tell a story through hand gestures, facial expression and vibrant costume.

It is full of colour, toe-tapping music (following the beat of the dhol drum), and story-telling.

It's fun .... and moving to music is good for our health and our mind.


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