Art Activities for all ages


 School workshop - 'Incredible India'

Education and cultural sessions for the classroom covering all aspects of the curriculum.  Developing understanding of diversity and respect of other cultures.  Experience Incredible India!  Artefacts to explore - books, costumes, instruments, puppets, spices, language.  Interactive!  Art activities including collage work and block printing using authentic Indian materials.

Teacher Feedback:  "Our school doesn’t have a very diverse catchment culturally – so its valuable for the children to be exposed to cultures/arts they are not familiar with."

Teacher Feedback:  "It was perfectly pitched. The music, visual, smell and clothes. You taught easy dance moves that all students including wheelchair users".


Armchair Travel to India for Seniors

Taking people to faraway places without leaving home.  A multi-sensory experience for later life with engaging activities such as our Indian Artefacts Table - full of cultural pizzazz!  A session also includes art activities and music from India.


Collage work and Block Printing

Learning about different cultures with fun, engaging art activities