Armchair Travel to India

A multi-sensory experience for older people with engaging activities and  Indian Artefacts to explore - full of cultural pizzazz!   Each session also includes relaxing and soulful music of India and the option of art activities.  Creative and memorable activity for nursing and residential homes.


Seated Exercise for Seniors

Exercise comes in many forms and varieties, including chair exercises.  Chair exercises aimed at older people allow movement without putting undo pressure or strain on bodies.  Our gentle chair-based exercises, accompanied by soulful sounds of Indian music (Bollywood) can help to strengthen muscles and bone which will improve balance and walking.  It is also a colourful sensory experience when offered as part of our Music & Dance, or Armchair Travel to India sessions.


Move It Or Lose It! FABS exercise class with Anne

Low impact exercise class for later life

Turn back the clock with our fun and friendly exercise classes to improve your balance, confidence, mobility, flexibility, strength and independence.  Exercise can be done seated, supported or free standing.